Traveling abroad is always the excuse for buying toys and this is how I convince myself to buy the little digital balance by Acaia.

I travel with my coffee equipment which includes grinder, kettle, filter coffee dripper, cups, digital balance and some accessories. They are all kept inside a bag made by Timbuk2 which was designed for Blue Bottle (the coffee company). I have replaced the original equipment inside with mine and the tools I take along fits my brewing style and habit - a 180ml kettle, foldable filter coffee dripper by Munieq, stackable double walled cups by Snow Peak, the Comandante C40 grinder and the digital balance by Acaia.

My traveling coffee gear
All gears could fit in nicely

I kept the Acaia Lunar at the side pocket and it is a bit too tight (yeah, a lame excuse) with no protection (legitimate reason!). Thus, I have been trying to find a balance which is smaller and better yet with some sort of protection. I have seen different digital balance but either size is not ideal or comes with no protection. I saw the Cinco and find it fits the bill - it is much smaller than the Lunar and also protected by a hard case.  How small is it? Below is a comparison with the Lunar.

Side by side comparison with the Lunar
Acaia Cinco in the protective case

It carries the same feature as the Lunar but even more sensitive. The Cinco works with the apps on my iPhone without pairing, I am not sure if it is reusing any pairing information I have established with my Lunar. At home, I don't use the apps as all I cares are the time and weight which I could read easily. But the Cinco is so small that I might not be able to read properly with most of the cup I use. The apps would come in handy in this case.  

I feel the touch sensitivity on the Cinco is not as responsive as the Lunar, I might have to press more than one time for powering it up or start the timer but again, I can start the timer on the app as well.  

My setup is now completed (until next time when I am tempted by other gadget) ...